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oregano plant

Sometimes called Wild Marjoram, Oregano has a pungent, intense favor. The fresh leaves offer an unforgetable taste and aroma that wets the appetite. Known as the best friend zuccini ever had, Oregano can also be used with tomatoes, beans, broccoli, eggplant, cabbage, or squash. Since the favor is strong, Oregano should be used sparingly, but will definitely add to pasta sauce, pizza, and chili. Oregano can be used with stronger flavored fish and seafood--is great with beef, pork, or poultry. It has a distinct affinity for mushrooms and avacados - makes great oils and vinegar marinades.

Aside from culinary uses, Oregano tea is said to cure indigestion, headaches, and nervous complaints. Sounds like the perfect herb for most chefs!! One last parting hint - if you might be trying to quit smoking, dried Oregano can be rolled and smoked for a tar-free, nicotine-free, tobacco-free, NASTY cigarette! The only favorable quality it might have--your breath smells good! More next time-’

Dorothy L Gifford