Farmers Daughter Herbs

dorothy debbis

I have done some reading and study on this great blend of dry aromatic herbs and herb blossoms and have come to the conclusion that this, as with all dry herbs, tastes weak and without the distinctive characteristic of each herb.

Why use
a dry blend
when fresh
is so much
more exciting
to the
taste buds?

Why use a dry blend when fresh is so much more exciting to the tastebuds?
The herbs used for this blend varies from chef to chef, but most commonly uses Thyme, Rosemary, Savory, Sage, Marjoram, and Oregano. You may wish to add Mint Basil, Fennel seeds and Lavender. The Lavender flowers are hard to find during the winter months. Fennel seeds are found in the spice section, but during the fall months fresh seeds are available. I would not recommend using Bay leaves, as to digest even a small piece of Bay leaf may be a problem.When preparing your blend, don't hesitate to do a large quantity. The most successful method of storing is to freeze the chopped herbs in a small amount of water — such as in an ice cube tray. The next time you have need for the blend just pop out the cubes and use. Your soups, sauces, creams and dressings will all benefit from your use of fresh Herbs deProvence. Lamb, seafood, pork, - the list is long and the taste will be exceptional.
With spring approaching, we are looking forward to planting the apprentice herb garden. Summer brings a plentiful supply of the familiar herbs as well as varieties of mint, basil, thyme and sage.
Looking forward to a great season,
Dorothy L Gifford