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plate garnished with flower

The holidays are here making it a great time to think about garnishes for your plates. When choosing a garnish, one must know if the place will be lidded, What you Wish to draw attention to -the meat, vegetables, or salad— whether you want the garnish to be edible or just an added attraction.
Opal or Green Basil are favorite garnishes, but cannot stay crisp and fresh when under a lid. Mint, Dill, Oregano and Tarragon fall into this category. All of these herbs are edible. The moreWoody, hearth herbs such as Savory, Sage, Thyme and Rosemary will look nice and fresh for a longer time, but are no tones to enjoy eating by themselves.
Rosemary is perhaps the favorite garnish for the holidays as it resembles the needles of a pine tree and has beauty and strength to adorn your plate through the heat and time of plate presentation.
The first choice for a place garnish is generally an edible ?ower. Flowers do add beauty, simplicity, color, and ?avor depending on which flower is used. We have had a great summer for flowers. but I have a feeling with winter coming so also will come the problem of good quality edible flowers. All must be ordered from California and we just take what they have available. The best quality during the winter is Pansy, Batchelor Buttons, Calendulas. Chrysanthums, and sometimes Nasturtiums. I have just added a new cooler just for flowers and the Mesclum salad mix to insure having a good supply. I do ask your help in ordering ahead of time for quantities over 200. .
Happy Holidays.

Dorothy Gifford

Farmer's Daughter Herbs