Farmers Daughter Herbs


"Dedicated to Safety Since 1990"
Dr. Karl Kolb, Ph. D
Dr. Ray Hanson, Ph.D
Dr Wallace Carlson, CQA, CQM, CQE
Dr. Elbert Sorrell, ED.D   
                                                                     Sunday, November 16, 2008
Subject: Unannounced Visit
Dear Ray,
     Imagine my suprise a few weeks ago when I decided to drop in on your farm. I'm glad I did! The traffic was heavy and the day long with travel. I looked at the sings and noticed you were only one stop away from my sad position in traffic. I am very glad I made the off ramp!
     My heart stopped when I came to your rance and saw the beautiful valley studded with trees, wild grass, quaint homes and the awesomely beautiful herbs, lettuce and other commodities growing peacefully side-by-side.
     More impressive was the way in which the farm was so beautifully tended. Every row in the right place, every flower and herb growing so green and vibrant, and employees working as if they were caring for their children. Everything so neat, clean and disciplined. It means to me that food safety, good farming practices, and employees that care are the tenants on your success. I could not wait to taste the products - and when I did my mouth exploded with an explosion of colors and tastes!
     I would also like to say that your production and packing areas were also clean and disciplined - these things reflect an owner's pride that is obvious throughout your entire operation. This entire experience was everything we promote here at the institute and it was refreshing to find these things in such a robust fashion on your farm.
     Thank you for this exciting and unannounced pleasure! You truly reflect a farm and packing operation for others to emulate.
Karl Kolb Ph. D.
President and CEO