Farmers Daughter Herbs

hickory-smoked-chicken 2 handfuls hickory smoking chip, soaked in hot water

Handful of mixed fresh herbs

1 (3 to 4 lb.) broiler-fryer chicken

Salt to taste

Fresh flat-leaf parsley sprigs

radishes, cut in half

and lettuce leaves to garnish


Heat a covered barbecue or wet smoker. Drain chickory chips and sprinkle over hot coals. Place a heatproof dish or pan of water over coals, and add herbs to water. Season chicken with salt, place on rack over dish or pan. Close barbecue cover. Reduce heat. Cook chicken over low coals, turning the bird every 30 minutes, until moist with slightly pink-tinged flesh and a characteristic smoky flavor, about 3 hours. Add water to water pan during cooking, if necessary by moving chicken out of the way and very carefully pouring in the water. Garnish with parsley, radishes and lettuce.

Makes 4-6 servings.