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broiled salmon with reisling sauce

2  8oz. fresh king salmon filets 9

1/2 cup California Riesling

1/2 cup heavy cream

4 Tbl. cold butter (cut in chips)

1 Tbl. fresh basil - chopped


In a sauce pan, combine Reisling and heavy cream, bring to a boil and continue boiling at a moderate roll until liquid is reduced by half - then remove from heat and place in bowl.

Let stand 2 minutes then whisk cold butter into sauce - add fresh basil. Keep at room temperature.
Place salmon in a hot skillet with just enough oil or butter to cover bottom of pan. Quickly and lightly brown both sides then remove to broiler and cook until well done.
You may bake or poach the salmon. This sauce is very versatile and may be served with other fish as well as chicken.

Rule of thumb for cooking fish - 10 minutes 1for every inch of thickness.