Farmers Daughter Herbs




       By now I'm sure you all know that as well as working for Landures Produce, I also have started my own little business called Farmer's Daughter Herbs.  Believe me when I tell you that since starting the first of July, I have learned a great deal about Utah laws.  I guess I was under the impression that no one would pay much attention to the "funny little old lady that sells herbs,” but I was wrong ! From the Salt Lake City Business License Department to the Department of Agriculture, I have been verbally abused, threatened, and in general made to feel like a despicable criminal!   But enough of all that - everything has turned out well and I am still the "funny little old lady that sells herbs."


       So let's talk herbs!  The Apprentice chefs - most especially Stewart - need a big hand for the wonderful herb garden they have.  I have thoroughly enjoyed helping harvest their bounty of Basil, Sage, Thyme, and all the others.  In one week we were able to cut eighteen pounds of Basil and that is pretty darn good for so small a plot.  The home grown herbs are at their best now and if you haven’t received a sample of my wonderful loveage or burnet, give me a call.


       Burnet, with its wonderful cucumber flavor, is doing especially well and seems to like the hot weather.   The celery like flavor of loveage adds a new twist to steamed vegies.  Loveage began in the Mediterranean area and grows wild in most of Europe.  Easy to propegate by root divisions, it will eventually reach six feet in height.  Since all parts of loveage are edible, it is nice to have in your herb garden.


       The many culinary uses of loveage include salads, soups, sauces, and of course the seeds can be put in breads, cakes, and cheese biscuits.

The medicinal uses of loveage are also many, but probably the most interesting being an aphrodisiac and love charm.   If you ever see a Czechoslovakian girl with a bag of loveage hanging around her neck, you will know she is looking for a sweetheart!


Pea and Carrot Salad with Loveage

Sugar snap peas New baby carrots

Steam together and cool.   Mix gently with a small amount of mayonnaise, DijonMustard, and a small amount of chopped loveage.Please - just the tender young leaves.

Dorothy L Gifford
Farmers Daughter Herbs

originally published in 1989