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Oh my gosh! Last night was the Presidents Ball and I Won! I am the Purveyor of the Year! I c:an’t believe it! Thank you to each and everyone—you have made me so proud. Never have I been associated with such an outstanding group of professional, exciting, wonderful men and women.It is because of all of you that I love what I am doing and find your expectations to be my challenge. Thank you all again and again.
It is so nice to have the weather cool down, but of course that meansWinter must be coming. So it is time to gather the remains of your home-grown herbs. I am not one to promote drying, but if you must, just hang the herbs upside down. Find a placewhere it is cool and clean—lavender, sage, and maybe some oregano and thyme. How about freezing some either in ice cube trays or just in a baggy. Basil will turn black no matte rwhat, so best to use the fresh.

Most of your herb plants will come back again next year. For winter care, cover with leaves or put an upside down pot on top with leaves or grass clippings around the edge. Just pull the basil as you will need to plant again next year, also dill. Your sage plants can be left, but it is a good time to trim and shape so they will produce even better next year.

Speaking of sage, we have the famous "Turkey Day’ coming soon, and of course the fresh sage will improve the flavor of your stuffing and will also make a lovely garnish for your plates of turkey. If you choose to serve game or pork, try rubbing with sage butter. A few sprigs of sage placed on pork when roasting will cut down the odor of the pork Sage isalso a nice addition to green beans for a different tasting vegetable. Winter and the holiday season are good times to try a fancy garnish on your plates. The rosemary sprigs are nice as they have a slight resemblanceof a pine tree and also are very long lasting and smell wonderful.

For an extra special Hors d’Oeuvres, try a bed of dill under cherry tomatoes with a smoked salmon cream cheese mixture. To scoop out the tomatoes, use a melon-ball scoop -seems to work pretty well. Farrner’s Daughter will always have what you need, and for specialties like lemon grass, opal basil, lemon thyme or nosturtiums, please give me a couple of days.
Thanks Again  and Happy Holidays.

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Farmer’s Daughter Herbs